Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well, I thought I should share my preseason rankings with you.

1. Ohio State – Trust me, I am not sure they belong there either. But they were the only other team besides USC to give Texas a run for their money. And, their offense was playing way better at the end of the season than it was in the beginning. The D is still a question but we will see.

2. Auburn – A lot of players are coming back, both on the offense and on the defense. Oh, and the SEC are idiots and gave them 8 home games. No team is better at scheduling cupcake opponents as Auburn. I think next season they are going to try and play Army.

3. West Virginia – I can hear the banjos already. Again another team with a favorable schedule. But they did play really well in their BCS game last season.

4. USC – This might be me just hoping for an excellent season but the Trojans have the level of talent to keep them in the top 5. But now it is just time to execute. New offense players and a new defense lead to a lot of question marks. And hopefully this season the special teams will show up. The end of the season will be murder; Cal, Notre Dame, and UCLA in the last weeks of the season. Fight On!

5. Notre Dame – A lot has been said about fatso and pretty boy and I won’t repeat it all here, but seriously, Weis is a good coach and Quinn is a good QB. And if they play up to the level they played against USC last year they might be 1 or 2 at the end of the season.

6. Texas – Now which team has lost more USC or Texas? I think the general consensus is that USC has; but I would submit that Texas has. The Longhorns were much more one dimensional on offense than USC but I still think that D will keep them in most of their games and they just need to score a little to win.

7. Miami – The new ACC is going to be impossible to get through undefeated (plus it is lame that they don’t have geographic regions) but Miami has the best chance. Always loaded and always fast it will be hard to catch up.

8. Florida – I think this might be the year for Urban Meyer in Florida. That is if he doesn’t stress out Leak too much. The schedule will be tough. The SEC is never easy.

9. Cal – Great running back, Great D, now all they need is a good QB. It sure isn’t Ayoob. I think that he was the MVP for USC in the Cal USC game last year.

10. LSU – Did anyone see them play Miami in their bowl game last year? They looked really good. But this season they get games at Auburn, at Florida and at Tennessee...that won’t be fun.

Anyone else have thoughts?


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