Monday, August 28, 2006

My Biggest Concerns this Season

Offensive Line – We are replacing 3 veteran Offensive Lineman, it doesn’t matter how good your Backfield is if you don’t have the big fellas to pancake the Defense.

Tailback – I suppose I would feel better if Hershel Dennis or Desmond Reed were ready to go (because at least they have at least one start under their belt). I am sure there is a lot of talent in our corps of TB’s but there is a lot left to prove.

Special Teams – The only guy last year that played well on special teams was #5 and we all know what happened to him. Maybe this year we can tackle somebody.

Corners/Safety’s – Last season our defense sucked; I think our DB’s did in particular, Bing should never have been allowed to wear #20. He just never showed the magic that he could have been capable of.

Notre Dame – Yes, they are being hyped big time…but what do you expect. They almost beat us last year. If they play like that this year then the real BCS bowl game will be played Nov 25th at 8 pm ET (not that I am looking forward to it or anything).

QB – I feel a whole lot better about this slot than most of the others on the team. I think Booty will be good in the position. Probably not as good as Leinart but maybe as good as Palmer. Hopefully he won’t get hit in the back.

Cal/Oregon/UCLA – I suppose I always worry about the other good teams in the Pac-10 so that is pretty standard.

Stanford – Ok, so The Farm suck and has sucked for a few years now. But we never play very well in the Bay area. I don’t know why, maybe it is something in the air, call me paranoid but our closest games are always up there. Look it up. Maybe it is because we don’t see them coming.

3-4 Defense – I have never been a big fan of the 3-4 Defense, I think it opens you up to much to a good running team. But if they play a LB more like a DE then I will feel a little better. But I still don’t like it.

Nick Holt – I really don’t know if this guy is a good coach I figure he is. But Carroll has had his stamp all over the Defense since 2001 and it seems to have worked pretty well.


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