Monday, September 18, 2006

My Old Rankings - and thoughts.
1. Ohio State – (W) – They were losing for a good chunk of the first half until they turned on the jets in the second half. A solid win. I really hope Tressel loosens up the offense he still looks like he is holding back.
2. Auburn – (W) – Well, they won. Obviously not by much. But that is SEC football for you. All defense and no offense.
3. USC – (W) – I would say the offense still isn’t ironed out yet. But they looked very good at times. I was very happy to see the Men of Troy playing in the Coliseum again.
4. Texas – (W) – Who did they play?
5. Notre Dame – (L) – OK, I told everyone to stop drinking the Kool-Aid but no one believed me.
6. LSU – (L) – Yea, nothing says SEC football like losing 7-3.
7. West Virginia – (W) – Oh Terp nation. If you would have only kept Steve Slaton.
8. Florida – (W) – Big time quality win. The end of this game was really fun to watch. Florida might have the magic this year.
9. Georgia – (W) – Another win. This has become the norm at UGA in the last couple of years. Another game, another win.
10. Florida State – (L) – Another Boring Bowden Bowl…Barf.

My New Rankings – Last Week
1. Ohio State (1)
2. Auburn (2)
3. USC (3)
4t. Texas (4)
4t. Florida (8)
6. West Virginia (7)
7. Georgia (9)
8. Michigan (new)
9. LSU (6)
10. Louisville (new)

Where is Notre Dame? Does it matter? Out of the top 10 would be my answer. But if you must know I have them at 11.

Any other thoughts?


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