Monday, October 02, 2006

Last weekend was pretty standard besides Georgia Tech beating up on poor Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. As I am sure the Tech faithful truly believe that the game was stolen from them. I am sure it was at least a dozen bad calls by the officials that led to the loss of the prodigious Hokies. I am still not really sure what a Hokie is at this point. I guess it is a Turkey of some kind. But other than that all of the Top 10 won or were off.

Old Rankings (win or loss) - Thoughts
1. Ohio State (W) – A good quality win against Iowa. They really look like the best team in the country.
2. Auburn (W) – They had a little trouble with the "other USC" but they pulled out a win.
3. USC (W) – What happened to our defense? For 3 weeks it was like a brick wall and last weekend it was like Wazzu could move the ball easily. I guess I was right to be worried about the defensive backfield. Oh, and did anyone else come to play besides Booty and Steve Smith?
4. Florida (W) – I guess payback is a bitch for Bama
5. Texas (W) – Please, please play more Div. 1-A schools next year. Your non-conf. schedule (save OSU) is kind of a joke. Thank god you are playing Oklahoma.
6. West Virginia (Off) – Nov 8 is your only test
7. Michigan (W) – Yee haw you won the little brown jug…what is it? I don’t know, but winning it is cool.
8. Georgia (W) – The dogs are a much less impressive team after that Colorado game a couple of weeks ago. And you only beat Ole Miss 14-9 but in the SEC that is a shootout.
9. LSU (W) – If not for that loss to Auburn they would be in the top 5.
10. Louisville (Off) – Nov 8 is your only test

New Rankings (Last Week) record
1. Ohio State (1) undefeated
2. Auburn (2) undefeated
3. USC (3) undefeated
4. Florida (4) undefeated
5. Michigan (8) undefeated
6. Texas (5) one loss
7. Georgia (7) undefeated
8. West Virginia (6) undefeated
9. LSU (9) one loss
10. Louisville (10) undefeated

Any other thoughts?


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