Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Old Rankings (win or loss) - Thoughts
1. Ohio State (W) – Another win, barring a loss later in the season Ohio State has put a lock on #1 for the rest of the season. The showdown with Michigan will be one hell of a game.
2. Auburn (L) – Last week they looked rusty and this week they just fell apart. I am not really sure what happened to them…besides losing.
3. USC (W) – Same question as last week, where was the defense? That is now two weeks in a row that the Men of Troy looked bad on defense. The offense in the first half looked ok. But all those field goals in the second half. Needless to say I am a little worried about how good we are at this point. At least we didn’t lose to Arkansas.
4. Florida (W) – Pushed around the Tigers in the swamp. Florida is looking good but still has a brutal schedule.
5. Michigan (W) – A good win verses the in state rivals.
6. Texas (W) – Beat up OU. I am happy to see the Okies lose but I am still not convinced how good the Texans errr Longhorns are.
7. Georgia (L) – Sad.
8. West Virginia (Off) – Wow you beat an SEC team…you must be a contender in the National Title race…oh wait it was Miss. St.
9. LSU (L) – Bummer. What else to say.
10. Louisville (W) – These guys score. But do they have the defense to beat a top 5 team?

New Rankings (Last Week) record
1. Ohio State (1) undefeated
2. Florida (4) undefeated
3. Michigan (5) undefeated
4. USC (3) undefeated
5. Texas (6) one loss (to Ohio State)
6. West Virginia (6) undefeated
7. Louisville (10) undefeated
8. Tennessee (NR) one loss (to Florida)
9. Auburn (2) one loss (to Arkansas)
10. California (NR) one loss (to Tennessee)

Any other thoughts?


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