Friday, September 29, 2006

Last weekend was pretty boring for the most part. These rankings are pre (Auburn Game) Thursday night.

Old Rankings
1. Ohio State (W)
2. Auburn (W)
3. USC (W)
4t. Texas (W)
4t. Florida (W)
6. West Virginia (W)
7. Georgia (W) – The Buffs looked like a football team. It was really weird, but a win is a win.
8. Michigan (W)
9. LSU (W)
10. Louisville (W)

New Rankings
1. Ohio State (1)
2. Auburn (2)
3. USC (3)
4. Florida (4t)
5. Texas (4t)
6. West Virginia (6)
7. Michigan (8)
8. Georgia (7)
9. LSU (9)
10. Louisville (10)

Monday, September 25, 2006

A Real Scoop in the Reggie Bush Saga (by a source with no ! in its name)

I just read this, its quite interesting for 2 reasons. 1. If Dan Wetzel really did gain the info under false pretenses its notable because he had no living source, thus the potential for misunderstanding (ie maybe Ornstien is on the level about being paid back) is huge -- way to go Yahoo. 2. New Era's lawyer states, "Brian Watkins, an attorney for New Era's founders, called Cornwell's denial "crazy. They still owe rent and they never paid rent and they were evicted on that basis," Watkins said Friday." It seems to me opposing counsel just admitted that it was not an extra benefit but rather a simple rent agreement gone bad. If it was an extra benefit he should have said, "My client let the Bush family live there on the understanding that Bush would sign with them, yada yada yada." A players parents being crappy tenets is not an issue for the NCAA, nor is a Landlords reluctance to evict for whatever reason.,1,3705948.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-coll-usc

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Tap Sends Condolences on loss of Another Fullback

Following the USC - Arizona tilt, Pete Carroll and his team received condolences from an unexpected source, the landmark simulated rock group Spinal Tap. Michael St. Hubbins and Nigel Tufnill, two surviving members of the group reportedly sent condolences, and a special warning for former walk-on and 4th srtinger Mike Brittingham; beware the threat of spontanious combusation.

two other stories of note from the Arizona game,

It has been reported by unconfirmed French sources that during the game Trojans Offensive Coorindator Lane Kiffin was possesed by the unholy undead spirit of former Trojans coach Paul "the'll never expect a run up the gut" Hackett. This speculation may have been caused by the Trojans inability to find any recievers open more than 3 yards from the line of scrimmage, and a fondness for alternating between throwing 4 yard comebackers on 3 and 7, and keeping it between the tackles on 3rd and 11. This haunting may be contagious as it was reported that the Hackett's spirit was featured as a special guest coordinator for Nebraska last weekend.

In a related devolopment USC has been contacted by SEC officals citing copywright infringment on the SEC's "exciting" brand of football. It is reported that SEC officials are worried that fans of low scoring games featuring disinterested and apparantly confused offense may be drawn away from that vernerable southern conference. Our sources tell us that USC remains unworried, as they managed to make 2 extra points in the game -- a feat no SEC team has accomplished in more than a century.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just one more reason Oklahoma Sucks

Oklahoma v. Oregon

Ok, Yeah, Oklahoma got screwed. The onside kick call might have been wrong (though I wasn’t as convinced as everyone else was). The pass interference was wrong. In college football it happens.

Perhaps Oklahoma should have been playing some defense in the 4th quarter. Isn’t Bob Stoops some defensive guru? How does an Oregon receiver get as open as Brian Paysinger did at the end of that game. Shouldn’t there have been a Safety around there somewhere?

Oh and lets not forget Oklahoma didn’t make a field goal that would have sealed the game.

And now Oklahoma wants the game expunged from the season. Weak. Oklahoma also wants its game with Washington in 2008 to not have Pac-10 officials. Weak. Hey Bob, did you ever think that maybe you just aren’t as good a coach as you think you are? You lost. Though it was a close and controversial game…you still lost.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why We Love LenDale

Whether its eating a "can" of his grandma's Mac n' chee or speaking out for Reggie Bush, LenDale is always entertaining.,1,1756035.story

Monday, September 18, 2006

Will the real Notre Dame please stand up?

What is going on with Notre Dame? I told everyone to stop drinking the Kool-Aid but no one believed me. They looked so crappy against Georgia Tech, and then they look awesome against Penn State then they didn’t even show up against Michigan. So which team is the real Notre Dame? Or does how they played really reflect on how good the other teams are. Do we know how good Georgia Tech, Penn State, and Michigan are? I would say probably not. But still Notre Dame played so differently in the 3 different games. Still, I certainly didn’t see Michigan taking Notre Dame to the woodshed.
My Old Rankings - and thoughts.
1. Ohio State – (W) – They were losing for a good chunk of the first half until they turned on the jets in the second half. A solid win. I really hope Tressel loosens up the offense he still looks like he is holding back.
2. Auburn – (W) – Well, they won. Obviously not by much. But that is SEC football for you. All defense and no offense.
3. USC – (W) – I would say the offense still isn’t ironed out yet. But they looked very good at times. I was very happy to see the Men of Troy playing in the Coliseum again.
4. Texas – (W) – Who did they play?
5. Notre Dame – (L) – OK, I told everyone to stop drinking the Kool-Aid but no one believed me.
6. LSU – (L) – Yea, nothing says SEC football like losing 7-3.
7. West Virginia – (W) – Oh Terp nation. If you would have only kept Steve Slaton.
8. Florida – (W) – Big time quality win. The end of this game was really fun to watch. Florida might have the magic this year.
9. Georgia – (W) – Another win. This has become the norm at UGA in the last couple of years. Another game, another win.
10. Florida State – (L) – Another Boring Bowden Bowl…Barf.

My New Rankings – Last Week
1. Ohio State (1)
2. Auburn (2)
3. USC (3)
4t. Texas (4)
4t. Florida (8)
6. West Virginia (7)
7. Georgia (9)
8. Michigan (new)
9. LSU (6)
10. Louisville (new)

Where is Notre Dame? Does it matter? Out of the top 10 would be my answer. But if you must know I have them at 11.

Any other thoughts?

Friday, September 15, 2006


For those of you that have been caught up in the Internet explosion that is the Recent Yahoo "Scoop" regarding Reggie Bush, lets examine this.

1. We already knew that Bush's parents took a bunch of stuff from New Era

2. We know that its all very tawdry

3. We now know that Bush's agent Mike Ornstein may have fronted / given Bush's parents 2 Suits, 2 Tickets to Oakland, and a ride to the Cal game.

I will not say that this is right, in fact its rather tawdry, and naughty. But is it a Scoop? No its a small addendum to a story published last spring. The NCAA will do as it pleases, like it always does, but I'm not sure that this makes USC any more or less responsable.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Funniest College Football Story of the Day

West Virginia sophomore tailback Steve Slaton grew up wanting to go to Maryland.

He got a scholarship offer from Maryland.

His scholarship got rescinded from Maryland.

He went to West Virginia (cue the banjos).

Steve Slaton is averaging 154 yards per game in 2006.

What is Terrapins coach Ralph Friedgen (aka Fatso) reasoning behind rescinding Slaton’s scholarship? "I just had too many running backs."

I hope West Virginia wipes the floor with Terp Nation.

Monday, September 11, 2006

My Old Rankings - and thoughts.
1. Auburn – Looked really dominant…but then again it was Miss St.
2. USC – Week off.
3. Ohio State – A huge win against Texas. I was very happy to see those Longhorns go down.
4. Texas – I do give Ohio St. and Texas credit for playing a tough opponent in a non-conference game. Takes balls.
5. West Virginia – Weakest schedule imaginable. Are they going to try and put some high schools on the schedule next year?
6. LSU – Quality win. Though Arizona might totally suck.
7. Florida – Does beating up Central Florida even count as a win?
8. Florida State – Troy looked dangerous for a while. They pulled out a win though.
9. Georgia – Beat the other USC…I must admit I totally didn’t care about that game.
10. Notre Dame – Ok Irish, you can now move up in the rankings.

My New Rankings
1. Ohio State
2. Auburn
3. USC
4. Texas
5. Notre Dame
6. LSU
7. West Virginia
8. Florida
9. Georgia
10. Florida State

Any other thoughts?
Does the Pac 10 Suck?

Halfway through watching UCLA struggle to put away Rice (RICE!!!) I got to wondering, is all the east coast bias stuff crap, is the Pac 10 actually as bad as everyone says it is? Stanford did lose to San Jose State, and Oregon State beefed it at Boise St. That's pretty bad. The Pac 10 is not off to a good start

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Recap of the first weekend of College Football.

I will go through my previous Top Ten and tell you what I saw from their games.

1. Ohio State – Their game was closer than I thought it was going to be.

2. Auburn – Rolled over Wassu.

3. West Virginia – Played very well. I wish there was another good team in their conference.

4. USC – Answered a lot of questions. They should be formidable all season.

5. Notre Dame – By far the least impressive game of the top ten…well, besides Cal. No more drinking the Kool-Aid. If they keep playing like this they will never get through September undefeated.

6. Texas – Looked impressive…but they did play North Texas Community College

7. Miami – Not enough firepower on offense. Can’t the U recruit a Running Back?

8. Florida – Won without a problem.

9. Cal – Weak…seriously, weak.

10. LSU – One cupcake done.

New Rankings

1. Auburn
2. USC
3. Ohio State
4. Texas
5. West Virginia
6. LSU
7. Florida
8. Florida State
9. Georgia
10. Notre Dame (who are now officially capped at #5 until they beat a real team)